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Feb 1, 2021
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Introducing: The Audacity to Fail


We all can dream big dreams. But the challenge is how to create in ourselves the audacity to fail – because it's in that process of trying and failing that we learn and grow and develop and ultimately succeed at bringing our dreams to life.

The Audacity to Fail is a podcast hosted by my JQ Sirls. I'm an artist, designer, entrepreneur, father, husband, and I have failed in doing my job with each of those titles probably more than I've succeeded. Nothing crazy, but it would be silly to think I've had flawless success in roles I had no prior experience in before starting. I just had the willingness to start and the audacity to fail despite my fear. That's what this podcast is about; designing your life so that great things can happen in your career, business, family, and personal life despite failure. Join me as I share personal stories and interview guests on the topics of 'starting' and 'failure' in an attempt to help us all understand what the "Audacity to Fail" really means.

My hope is that together we can find the courage and motivation to push forward and achieve great things despite setbacks and other inevitable obstacles that will stand in our way.

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