We all can dream big dreams. But the challenge is how to create in ourselves the audacity to fail – because it’s in that process of trying and failing that we learn and grow and develop and ultimately succeed at bringing our dreams to life.

The Audacity to Fail is a podcast about designing your life so that great things can happen in your career, in your business, in your family, and in your personal life despite failure.


A Kansas City Native with Big Dreams

I'm JQ Sirls — I'm a speaker and creative leader working in product development, software development, publishing, and animation. With a passion for essentialist design and childlike imagination, my practice consists of bringing youthfulness into serious works and simplicity into fanciful creations.

This duality fuels my lifelong challenge to create a shared enthusiasm in adults and youth on projects that are commonly exclusive to one or the other. My overall mission is to encourage people to finally start, continue, or pick back up the dream they've been wanting to pursue in spite of their fear or excuse. Sometimes my message is direct, found in each episode of The Audacity to Fail, and sometimes my message is indirect and metaphorical, found in my creative writing and artwork. I don't have to know you to believe in you—and I do believe in you. Keep pushing.

I am an author and illustrator of several children's picture books and the founder of Storytailor.ai, an AI-powered platform that turns every child into the hero of their own story.

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